Breva 750


Breva 750 1

The design is modern, captivating from the first glance, but unmistakably a Moto Guzzi. Accurately designed and finished, it stands out for the soft lines of the anatomical tank, the touch of class given by the three-spoke wheels and the mettle of the sub-fairing pillar. And it's more than just skin deep.

Breva 750 is easy and instinctive to ride, inspiring immediate confidence in the rider. Its compact size, ergonomic riding position and easy handling are all precious characteristics in city traffic, but the Breva 750 is also fun to ride on mixed roads, solo or with a passenger.

Breva 750 2

Merit of the short wheelbase and mechanics, with the highly effective double cradle frame in high tensile steel and steering geometry designed to facilitate entry into bends and rapid direction changes. Riding pleasure is enhanced by the electronic injection, providing smooth progressive power and constant efficiency.